Do you buy or sell on eBay?

We have signed up for eBay Giving Works as another way to raise money for our scholarship and benevolent programs and to help pay for needed repairs to Alumni House.

If you list an item on eBay, you can donate to IAFSA at the same time.
Just choose a percentage of the selling price to go to IAFSA.

When your item sells, the donation will be sent to IAFSA and you will receive a tax receipt.

Sellers who do this stand out with a charity ribbon on their listings and also receive a fee credit when the item sells. Listings with the eBay Giving Works ribbons tend to attract more bids and higher prices,
so you can help your sales as you help IAFSA!

If you buy something on eBay that is listed by a seller who is donating a percentage of the proceeds to IAFSA,
you are also helping us.

You can go directly to this website:
IAFSA on eBay
to buy or sell goods to benefit IAFSA, make a donation, and to find out more about how the program works.

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