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> 2020 Fund and Award List
> 2020 Universal Scholarship Application for web

The IAFSA Universal Scholarship Application includes instructions and FAQ’s about applying.
Students submitting a completed application by the due date will be considered for any and all scholarships and awards that they may be eligible for.

The Due Date for 2019-2020 Applications to be delivered to Alumni House, 42 Adams Road, is March 15, 2019.

The Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni is pleased to offer the following scholarships and awards:
(Details about the scholarships are found on the Fund and Award List link above.)

James Akillian Scholarship
Margaret Judge Akillian Scholarship
Alumni General Scholarship
Alumni General Boston Scholarship
Alumni General Graduate Scholarship
Alumni General Worcester Scholarship
Susana R. Bernard Scholarship
Mary F. Bond Scholarship
Boston Chapter of the American Sewing Guild Memorial Scholarship
Cannes Internship Scholarship
John A. and Eileen F. Carr and Kathryn V. Whalen Scholarship
Class of 1941 Scholarship
Class of 1961 Textbook Assistance Award
Class of 1964 Commuter Scholarship
Mary Melley Cotter Scholarship
Marion L. Cronin Award
Janet Chisholm Dolan Scholarship
David A. and Margaret E. Foley Scholarship
Dr. Irene Foster Community Service Scholarship
Marilyn Minahan Foley Scholarship
Stuart B. Foster Scholarship
Mildred Boice Germain Scholarship
Kathleen Browne Ittig Scholarship
Dorothy Larned International Scholarship
Ethel Groves Lucas Scholarship
Christine Carley Malzone Scholarship
D. Justin McCarthy College Community Service Scholarship
Dr. William H.D. Meier Award
Paul T. Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Murtaugh Scholarship
Debra Osier Scholarship
Catherine S. Parker Scholarship
Joseph J. Previte Pre-Professional Medical Studies Award
Ada Shawkey Scholarship
Gladys Felton Taylor Scholarship
Touch the Future Award
Whitney Scholarship

Application forms are available at the IAFSA office at Alumni House or you may download the application here.

The Due Date for 2019-2020 Applications is March 15, 2019.