Available IAFSA Scholarships and Awards

Application forms are available at the IAFSA office at Alumni House.

• The James and Margaret Judge Akillian Scholarships were made possible by the fundraising efforts of a committee to honor the memory of Margaret Judge Akillian ’73, and make a scholarship available to Education majors. She had a teaching career in Brockton until she died suddenly in 1992 leaving a husband and two children. Her husband, James Akillian ’74, was on the staff of Massasoit Community College in 2002 when he was killed in an automobile accident. In order to remember Jim, the committee added an additional scholarship award for a student involved in co-curricular activities.

• The Alumni General Scholarship was established by generous alumni in 1989. Undergraduate and graduate students from all majors, who meet the criteria, are eligible to apply. Additional funds were added by the Boston-Framingham Alumni Club with the stipulation that a scholarship be awarded to a student from the greater Boston area. Funds from the Worcester-Framingham Club are used to provide an award to a student from Worcester County.

• The Susana R. Bernard Scholarship was established in 2012 by Clark and Susana Bernard to assist Massachusetts residents who are studying elementary education. A teacher and guidance counselor in Framingham for 27 years, Susana Bernard believes that the best teaching skills, combined with related support services, optimize the educational and life experiences for each student. This fund will assist students who are studying for a career in elementary education and may have a special interest in psychology, counseling, social work, or bilingual education.

• The Mary F. Bond Scholarship was established in 1992 by a friend to honor Mary Bond ’36. After 30 years of elementary teaching, Mary joined the faculty of the State College at Framingham and taught for 10 years in the Early Childhood Education Department. This scholarship is granted to an undergraduate Early Childhood Education major who is a Massachusetts resident.

• The Boston Chapter of the American Sewing Guild Memorial Scholarship was established in 2010 to honor former membership chair, Carole Dahlstrom. This scholarship is available to a Massachusetts undergraduate, with a demonstrated talent for garment construction, who fulfills the mission statement of the Guild, “Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill.”

• The John A. and Eileen F. Carr and Kathryn V. Whalen Scholarship was named for the late Eileen Whalen Carr ’25, her husband, Col. John A. Carr, USAF Ret., and Kathryn V. Whalen, sister of Eileen Carr. Col. Carr was a graduate of Harvard Law School and practiced law for forty years in NYC and Suffolk County, Long Island. He served with the Army Air Corps during WWII and was recalled to active duty during the Korean Conflict. Eileen Carr taught home economics in the Fall River and NYC areas and served as chair of the Legislative Committee of the Greater New York Nutritional Council. This scholarship is awarded to students from Bristol County, Massachusetts, with preference given to Food and Nutrition majors.

• The Cannes Festival Internship Scholarship was established and first awarded in 2013 by an anonymous donor. It is available to Communications Arts majors who have been accepted by the American Pavilion at Cannes and have completed all pre-requisites. See your advisor. It funds the one credit course fee.

• The Class of 1941 Scholarship was established by the Class of 1941 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Framingham State Teachers College. The scholarship is available to students in any major.

• The Class of 1961 Textbook Assistance Award was established by the Class of 1961 on the occasion of their 50th reunion. Recipients must be an Education, or Fashion Design and Retailing, or Food and Nutrition, or Food Science major with a minimum QPA of 2.75 and a record of working to contribute to their educational expenses.

• The Class of 1964 Commuter Scholarship was established by the Class of 1964 on the occasion of their 50th reunion in order to help commuters. Recipients must be full time commuting students with a minimum QPA of 2.75 and have a record of working to contribute to their educational expenses.

• The Mary Melley Cotter Scholarship was established in 2009 by a gift from Paul and Kathleen Cotter that also included donations made in Mary’s memory at the time of her death in 1981. Mary was a graduate of the Class of 1962 and served as president of this Association in 1973. She was active in the field of Home Economics education, earned a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University, and joined the faculty of Framingham State College where she was involved with many committees and initiatives. She was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 1981. This scholarship is available to students in any major, with financial need.

• The Marion L. Cronan Award honors the memory of Marion Cronan who graduated from Framingham Normal School in 1928. She became well recognized as a leader, author, and teacher in the nutrition field. This award is granted to an outstanding FSU student who has demonstrated ability and a passion for the field of nutrition and is studying to be a nutrition professional.

• The Janet Chisholm Dolan Scholarship was established by the loving friends and family of Janet Chisholm Dolan. Janet was a graduate of Framingham State College in 1991 with a master’s degree in Special Needs Education. She taught elementary and high school students for over twenty years and was very active with women and youth sports programs for the town of Wayland. This scholarship is available for a female resident of Massachusetts who is pursuing a degree at Framingham State University with an interest in special education.

• The David A. and Margaret E. Foley Scholarship was established by Margaret F. Harris and David J. Foley in memory of their parents. Margaret E. (Madigan) Foley ’26, was a lifelong resident of Hopkinton who graduated from Framingham Normal School and taught for 42 years in the Hopkinton Public Schools. David A. Foley, a retired postal employee and long time resident of Hopkinton, ran the college bookstore at FSC in the late 1960’s. Both were deeply interested in the Hopkinton Public Schools and the education of future teachers. The award is available to FSU students who are graduates of Hopkinton High School.

• The Marilyn Minahan Foley Scholarship was established at the time of her retirement in recognition of Marilyn Foley’s many years of service as executive secretary for this alumni association. While she was a student, Marilyn served as editor of the student newspaper, The Gatepost, and requested that this fund provide scholarship assistance for editors-in-chief of the student newspaper, if they meet the criteria.

• The Dr. Irene M. Foster Community Service Scholarship was established by friends and family upon her retirement from the FSU Fashion Design and Retailing Department. Dr. Foster ’87, G ’88, an author, mentor, speaker, and volunteer as well as a professor, has received numerous awards for her volunteerism. Requirements include demonstrated community service with preference to Gold Award Girl Scouts and members of 4H.

• The Stuart B. Foster Scholarship was established in 1975 by June Trayers Becker ’50 in honor of her esteemed professor, Dr. Stuart B. Foster, and additional funding has been provided by memorial gifts from others. Although his official retirement from FSC came in 1957, his close association with the College and its graduates continued throughout his life, spanning a half century between 1921 and 1978. His legend will live on through the Stuart B. Foster Scholarship Fund that is available to Food and Nutrition majors at Framingham State University.

• The Mildred Boice Germain Scholarship was established in memory of Mildred Boice Germain ’20 through a bequest from her son, Mark W. Germain. It is available for students from Franklin and Hampshire counties with campus or community involvement and demonstrated financial need.

• The Ellen Hyde Interest Free Loan Fund was established in 1898 to honor Ellen Hyde who graduated from the State Normal School at Framingham in 1862 and then became its principal. She was an inspiring teacher and a builder of character in her pupils. From her intimate knowledge of the financial struggle many students endured, she felt the need for a fund to help them. This interest-free loan fund is administered by elected alumni members and used to assist undergraduate and graduate students at Framingham State University.

• The Dorothy Larned International Scholarship was established in 1964 by the Class of 1939 to aid international students at FSC. This award was named to honor Dorothy Larned who came to Framingham Normal School to teach French in 1929. She served many years as Dean of Women until her retirement in 1961. This scholarship encourages the sharing of cultures by providing financial assistance to international students.

• The Ethel Groves Lucas Scholarship was established with contributions in memory of Ethel Groves Lucas ’35, who graduated from the College and later returned to teach. She was president of the alumni Class of 1935 and received an Alumni Achievement Award in 1980. Preference is given to students who are Fashion Design and Retailing, or Food and Nutrition, or Food Science majors and residents of Massachusetts or New York State.

• The Christine Carley Malzone Scholarship was named in memory of Christine Carley Malzone who graduated from Framingham State College in 1972 as a Food and Nutrition major. She pursued her career as a therapeutic dietitian at the Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick. Following her death in 1982, her family established this scholarship in her name to assist students who are Food and Nutrition majors.

• The D. Justin McCarthy College Community Service Scholarship was established by the Class of 1985 to honor Dr. McCarthy who served as president of Framingham State College from 1961 until his retirement in 1985. During his long and productive presidency, a major building program took place on campus. Academic offerings increased from two to twenty-one undergraduate areas of study. The Division of Continuing Education was also established offering master’s degrees and the External Degree Program. This award is granted to an individual who has been active in co-curricular activities within the University community.

• The Dr. William H.D. Meier Award was established by his former students to honor Dr. Meier who was a biology professor at Framingham State Teachers College from 1911-1938. It is granted to an outstanding biology student who shows unusual ability and interest in the field of the natural sciences.

• The Paul T. Murphy Memorial Scholarship was established by the Class of 1986 in memory of their class president, Paul T. Murphy, who was stricken and died suddenly during his senior year. Paul, a Media major, was active in numerous campus activities and organizations. This scholarship has received contributions from Paul’s family and friends as well as from his classmates. This award assists Communication Arts majors.

• The Murtaugh Scholarship honors the memory of Thomas H. and Mary H. Murtaugh. Lt. Col. Murtaugh, ret. USAF, was a graduate of Manhattan College. He taught mathematics at the college level and also instructed members of the New York City Police and Fire Departments. Mary H. Murtaugh was a graduate of The Babies Hospital nursing program in New York City. In 2012, the scholarship was established in their honor by their daughter, Joan E. Murtaugh ’61, who taught for 36 years in the Framingham Public Schools. Graduates of a high school in Framingham may apply, with preference given to the offspring of police, fire, or military personnel.

• The Debra Osier Scholarship was established by the family and friends of Debra Osier. Debra died of injuries she received in an automobile accident in 1980 during the spring semester of her senior year. In addition to being a member of the Executive Committee of her class, Debra was an active member of the Home Economics Club. This scholarship is awarded to a Fashion Design and Retailing, or Food and Nutrition, or Food Science major.

• The Catherine S. Parker Scholarship fund was established by Hope Parker in memory of her sister, Catherine, who graduated as a Home Economics major in 1924 and returned to earn her Bachelor of Science in Education degree in 1931. Catherine taught home economics in Saxonville and then went into public relations and home service work for 36 years for the Massachusetts Electric Company. This scholarship is designated for students from the Attleboro area with preference given to Fashion Design and Retailing, or Food and Nutrition, or Food Science majors.

• The Dr. Joseph J. Previte Pre-Professional Medical Studies Award was established by the Class of 1951 to honor Dr. Previte on the occasion of his retirement from the FSC Biology Department in 2001. It is granted annually to an outstanding senior in the Biology Department’s Pre-Professional Program who has been accepted and plans to pursue an advanced professional medical degree.

• The Ada Shawkey Scholarship fund was established in memory of Ada Shawkey who taught in the Geography Department at Framingham State College for many years. On the occasion of its 50th reunion, the Class of 1957 made a substantial donation to this fund so that it can now benefit a Geography major or an Education major who is specializing in geography.

• The Gladys Felton Taylor Scholarship was provided according to the provisions of Gladys Felton Taylor’s will. A 1932 graduate, Gladys taught at the University of Maine at Farmington. The fund awards a student pursuing a Fashion Design and Retailing, or Food and Nutrition, or Food Science major.

• The Touch the Future Award was established in memory of educator Henry F. Regan by his daughter, Debra Regan Cleveland ’73. The award harks back to our roots as a teachers college and honors teachers of teachers, as well as recalling Christa McAuliffe’s enthusiasm for the profession. Recipients will receive the award at our annual meeting.

• The Whitney Scholarship is awarded from time to time to qualified students at Framingham State University who have applied for, but not received, other IAFSA scholarships.

Scholarship applications are due annually on March 15th for the following academic year.
Loan application due dates are March 15th for the fall semester and November 15th for the spring semester.

IAFSA ~ Alumni House ~ 42 Adams Road ~ Framingham, MA 01702 ~ 508.872.9770 ~ Office@AlumniHouse.org