Spotlight on the Class of 1961 Textbook Award

The Class of 1961 Textbook Assistance Award was established by the Class of 1961 on the occasion of their 50th reunion. Recipients must be an
Education, or Fashion Design and Retailing, or Food and Nutrition, or Food Science major with a minimum QPA of 2.75 and a record of working to
contribute to their educational expenses. The award was limited to students in programs that evolved from the three available when the Class of 1961 were students: elementary education, foods and nutrition and home economics.
The textbook award is very active, with many annual contributors that continue the tradition of alumni helping students.
Each year a committee of alumnae from the Class of 1961 gather to review scholarship applications. The decision is made after other scholarship awards have been decided in order to give deserving students a boost. With Textbook and Class Materials costs rising, this awards reminds students that Alumni care, and want to help make their FSU experience a positive one.
You do not need to be a member of the Class of 1961 to contribute to this popular award.
Even a small donation helps a current student pay for required course books and materials.

Consistent Donors to the Class of 1961 Textbook Fund include:

Dr. Joyce Morrissey Donohue
Ms. Nancy Haven Mazzei
Ms. Phyllis Kennedy Girvin
Ms. Barbara A. Bertelli
Ms. Marolyn Olson Cook
Ms. Martha Garrahan Scott
Ms. Regina Spognardi Kennedy
Ms. C. Pauline Reardon Drew